Learn how Kotobee Services may help you, on a rainy day!

Kotobee is a self-service platform, with a lot of self-help guiding you along the way of creating and publishing your ebook. For difficulty and struggles, a customer support team is available to answer any questions you may have, for no additional charge. These questions may be asked directly from inside Kotobee Author, by email, through a support ticket, or through the live chat widget on our website.

In cases where you're requesting complex help related specifically to your content, such as styling content, or adding some Javascript code, our support team won't be able to help there.

Instead, a Kotobee Services team is dedicated for these kinds of tasks. If you feel overwhelmed or wasting a lot of time getting something done, even if it's the entire ebook, our Kotobee Services team can handle that. Their scope of work covers:

The Process

The process is very simple, and is sequenced as follows:

  1.   You send an inquiry through www.kotobee.com/contact (make sure to select Service Inquiry from the Request dropdown). In your inquiry, you need to describe carefully what service you need.
  2.   You will receive a reply from an account manager, who will either ask for more details through a questionnaire or request an online meeting to have a better understanding.
  3.   You will receive a quote for the project, listing what will be done specifically, the deliverable you will receive, the price, what needs to be paid upfront (if any), and the duration.
  4.   If it's a lengthy project, it may be divided into milestones. You will receive updates from time to time.
  5.   If an upfront payment is required, you may the payment and send any files that are needed for the work to be done.
  6.   You receive the deliverable after it's ready.
  7.   You pay once you're satisfied.

Note: you can get immediate price estimates for your project when you answer just a few questions on the following pricing calculator https://www.kotobee.com/pricing/services.

Important Points

  • To give you an expectation for ebook-design related projects, you may provide content as a draft text document (e.g. Word, PDF) while marking places where you would like to see an image, or animation, etc.
  • Some projects may require full upfront payment, while some others may not. It depends on the scale of the project and the amount of work investment required from the team.
  • For projects related to design (i.e. illustrations, animations, ebook layouts), you will receive mock-ups first to have an idea of where things are heading. There is no risk involved. You can reject the mockup and ask for an entirely different theme. Through several iterations, there will be agreement over the direction of the designs.