Kotobee v1.6.4 is a very important release that has major updates for mobile app export, as well as new ground-breaking features.

Note you may see the Release Notes for any of the older releases of Kotobee anytime.

Mobile App SDK Updates

We're happy to finally resolve errors and warnings related to outdated SDKs (when exporting iOS or Android apps from Kotobee Author). The current updated SDKs supported are iOS 12.1 SDK and Android API-Level 28 (Android 4.4 - 9.0). A newly introduced Mobile Reader Version option in Kotobee Author is available to select between reader versions in your mobile app. The latest (1.1) is required for the new SDKs.

Okta Single Sign-on

If your organization is using Okta as a Single Sign-On provider, then you can provide a better login experience to your Kotobee libraries or cloud ebooks. If your users are already logged into Okta from their device, then they will not need to enter an email or password.

Furthermore, if you've enabled self-registration for your cloud ebook or library, then you don't need to add the user from your management panel. Instead, they will be created automatically when logging in with Okta. 

For more information, read Enable Single Sign-On with Okta. 

Allow Entire Book Save as PDF

Previously your users were allowed only to save the currently opened chapter (or page) in your ebook. You can now provide the option to save the entire book as a PDF.

Allow Appending Notes to Saved PDF

Following up with the previous, your users can have their notes appended to the end of the saved (PDF) chapter. In the case of saving the entire book, each chapter will be followed with its respective notes. To enable this option, the PDF additional options setting must be enabled.

Hosting Options

When exporting to any ebook app format, you will notice the new Hosting options at the top bar.

Previously you had the option to sync multiple ebook apps with an existing (or new) cloud ebook, to share access control with one user base (Read: Enable Your Users' Data to be Synced Across Their Devices). You now have the option to sync the content of multiple ebook apps with a hosted ebook. What does this mean?

This means that your ebook app will not have its content packaged anymore inside the app, but instead, will pull the content remotely from a hosted ebook elsewhere. This allows you to do edits on the fly to your hosted ebook, and have it reflected instantaneously across your ebook apps. The downside is that the ebook app will require an internet connection to access this content.

This option is supported for web, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, iOS, and SCORM apps.

New Fonts

Century Gothic, Lucida, Garamond, and Impact have been added to the list of default fonts to use in your ebooks.

Performance Improvements

Our infrastructure has been upgraded to support our growing number of users, while providing better performance for existing libraries and ebooks. Plenty of issues have been resolved in Kotobee Author in this release.

You may download this version (or explore previous versions) from https://www.kotobee.com/products/author/versions.

Thank you and stay safe!