Learn how to use Zapier to automatically add users from a Mailchimp mailing from to your cloud ebook or library.

In this tutorial we will explain how to automatically add users to kotobee from a mailing list in Mailchimp. Users signing up to the mailing list will effectively be added to your cloud ebook or library. This flow is useful when you want to give users free access to an ebook (or a chapter in an ebook) as a gift when they subscribe to your newsletter.

Zapier is required for this integration. To learn more about integrating with Zapier, read: Integrate with Zapier.


1. In this zap, you will be connecting Mailchimp with Kotobee. The starting (output) app is Mailchimp. When making the zap, search for Mailchimp under When this happens.. tab.

2. Choose the trigger event New Subscriber and hit Continue.

3. If you haven't already done so, you'll need to add your Mailchimp account. Select your Mailchimp account from the dropdown list shown below.

4. Under Customize Subscribers select the list you'd like Zapier to read then hit Continue.


5. A test is needed to make sure everything is working smoothly. Hit Test & Continue.

6. Now you will set up the other half of the integration, which is the app taking the input. It will respond to new users added to Mailchimp's mailing list. In Do this... search for Kotobee.

7. In the Action Event field, select Add a User.

8. Select your Kotobee account or add a new one. 

9. This step is where all the magic happens. Here you link user fields coming from Mailchimp with those going to Kotobee. Also you can set specific permissions you'd like to give every new user.

Click the button next to the Email field to link to the email field coming from Mailchimp.

10. Make a final test to make sure everything is okay. 

11. If everything works fine, a success message will appear telling you that a test user is added in Kotobee with the permissions you've previously selected.

12. Finally, you have to turn the zap on. Click the ON/OFF button at the bottom of the screen (or on the top right) and wait for it to turn ON.