In Kotobee v1.6.5, you'll find the following updates. Note you may find the releases notes for older Kotobee version from the Release Notes section.

Media Library

The File Manager has been extended to include a Media Library section. You can add files to the Media Library and they will sit there permanently regardless which ebook you have open, since the directory is global to your machine.

When adding images or media to your ebook, you now have a new Add from Media option, that will allow you to select a file from your Media Libray, or select from a list of currently used media files in your ebook (i.e. Ebook Media button in the screenshot below).

Enhancements to Chapter-Specific Access

There have been several improvements to how you can restrict specific chapters for user access (for cloud ebook and library users only). 

If you'd like to restrict chapters, this support article is a must-read: Give a User Access to Selected Chapters.

Text-to-Speech Rate

You may now control the rate (speed) of speech, when using Text-to-Speech.

Hide Images from Media Tab

You may now hide images from appearing in the Media tab, in case you'd just like to display video and audio there.

New Page Transition Effect: Stack

When navigating pages, you can select the new page transition effect, Stack, which will stack the new page on top of the old page.

Smoother Page Zoom

A smoother zooming experience is now used for fixed-layout pages (on web). The page can now be zoomed at a specific point by double-clicking at that position, and panned by dragging or using the mouse wheel. A scrollbar is no longer used.

Bookry Widgets Fix

We have resolved the previously broken support for Bookry widgets, where the widget would either disappear or force navigation to a different page.

Root Backups Directory

In case you'd like to retrieve a non-existing backup of your ebook, you now have the flexibility to search for it manually by accessing the root backups directory.

Library Back Button

If you're providing a library app to your users, your users will now experience a better Back button, to take them back to the main library view, to select a different ebook.

Traditional Chinese

Traditional Chinese language is now supported in both Kotobee Author and Kotobee Reader.

All that in addition to plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements. You may download this version (or explore previous versions) from

Is there a feature you'd like to see in a coming release? Feel free to share the feature request with us in our forum. Till the next release, stay safe!