This release has a few interesting new features, as well as more stability from issues reported to our support team.

Let's take a look at what's new.

Advanced PDF Export Options

When exporting your book as a PDF in Kotobee Author, a new Advanced Options button shows a dialog with new options to customize the exported PDF. New options include margins, as well as a custom HTML header and footer.

Container Background Opacity

When building containers you may now have the background semi-transparent or even completely transparent, through the new Background Opacity property.

Audio Sync Smil Files

When syncing text to audio, you may now export your syncing configuration as a Smil file that will list the timing for every single word. If you wish, you may do adjustments to that file through any text editor, and then import it back again.

Remember Me Default

In your cloud ebook or library permission settings, you may choose the login "Remember Me" checkbox to be checked by default.

Delete Offline Library Books

[Note this feature is for libraries running on mobile or desktop apps only]

Before, when books were downloaded through the library app, they stay on the device. Even if that user no longer has access to that book, since they had downloaded it previously they can still read it offline.

A new library setting now allows you to change that behavior. A previously downloaded book would be deleted from the device, if the user no longer has access to it.

More API Power

More backend and frontend API methods and properties have been added. The following is now possible:

Backend API

  • Searching a book using its metadata (publisher, author, ISBN, etc.)
  • Editing a book's metadata (publisher, author, ISBN, etc.)
  • Assigning a book to a category
  • Setting a deactivation date for a user
  • Setting an expiration date for user access or user roles

Reader API

  • Close all open popups and menus
  • Search for a certain keyword and display the results

Important Bug Fixes:

  • Persistent (saved) answers in questions was sluggish. It's now tested well, and solid.
  • Gallery thumbnails were sometimes not synced correctly to the actual displayed image.
  • Libraries set to work offline would sometimes require an internet connection.
  • Content displayed in a mobile app sometimes had the CSS not parsed correctly.
  • Connecting your Gmail App gave an "untrusted browser" error.
  • Hosting content with Kotobee would give an error if that same book name was used by a different user.

You can download this version or access older ones from

Hope you enjoy this release!