This new release of Kotobee has a few major features that you will definitely find useful when creating and exporting your ebooks. Let's take a look, shall we? Starting with the long-awaited free images and videos.

Free Images and Videos

You now have a large database of free images and videos to choose from and add to your ebooks inside Kotobee Author! Thanks to the Pexels API, you can search for free images and video footage using keywords.

EPUB Validation with EPUBCheck

If you're exporting EPUB files and planning to submit them to online bookstores, you can now validate the EPUB before exporting, to check for any errors or warnings. Most online book stores use EPUBCheck as the validation tool. Enabling validation reports can be made from the EPUB Advanced Options.

EPUB Optimization for Kindle

Amazon now recommends the EPUB format instead of its proprietary MOBI format when submitting ebooks to their Kindle Store. The Kindle Store does not use the full EPUB 3.0 specification but rather just a subset. For example, no scripting (i.e. Javascript) is allowed, which means no interactive elements. You can now easily optimize your EPUB for Kindle through a new advanced option from the EPUB Advanced Options window.

LTI Book Redirection

If you are using LTI to provide access to your library books through something like an LMS, then you can now specify a book ID in your URL that will be redirected t, once the user logs in. Previously the user was always taken to the library homepage.

For this to work, instead of typing in the Launch URL, you canĀ enter, where 50 is to be replaced with the ID of the intended book in your library.

Rich Text in Answer Explanations

When adding an answer explanation to any question (in the Questions tool), you are now able to use rich-text formatting to stylize the text as you wish.

Important Bug Fixes:

  • When connecting your Gmail account to have notification emails sent to your users from your email, the Google Consent Screen would display a security error.
  • Errors in certain cases when importing images from Word files.

You can download this version and others from:

Best of luck creating interactive ebooks!