Learn how to add PayPal as a payment method for your cloud ebook.

What is Paypal?

PayPal is one of the easiest and quickest ways to send and receive payments online.

Check out the full list of features with Stripe payments.

Getting Your API Key from PayPal

There are a few basic steps to get started with your PayPal integration:

1. Create and sign in to your PayPal developer account.

2. In your Developer Dashboard, navigate to the 'Apps & Credentials' section and click on the 'Create App' button.

3. Decide if your app is for regular online selling (Merchant) or a platform connecting multiple sellers (Platform) then click on ‘Create App’.

4. After your app is created, click on the button called ‘Generate Sandbox Access Token’. This step creates a special access token for testing purposes in the sandbox environment. This token is used to make test payments and transactions during development.

5. If you're ready to go live and accept real payments, switch from 'Sandbox' to 'Live' mode. Follow the steps provided to create a real business account.

6. Click on your newly created app's name in the Developer Dashboard. This is where you'll find crucial details like the Client ID and Secret. We will be using them later in Kotobee Author to complete the integration.

7. When you click on your newly created app, You will find your test account credentials (email and password) in the "Sandbox account info" section. We will use them later to test purchasing a book in Kotobee Reader.

Details of these steps are provided by Paypal below:


Add the API Key to Your Cloud Ebook

Important: If you are hosting your cloud ebook on your own website, you must enable HTTPS on your web server.

Open the cloud ebook and enter the Payments section.

Click on the Payment methods tab.

Click the Enable button under the Paypal box, enter your API Keys, and click Save changes.

Test the Payment in Sandbox

PayPal provides you with a simulated environment to test your payments just like the production environment. You can set your testing environment by following the steps  listed on this page: