Learn how to customize mini-apps with your own data and styles.

For each mini-app that you add, you may create and select different customizations, that will make this mini-app act differently. Take a checklist mini-app for example. With the same mini-app, you may display different sets of checklists. Each of those sets is a separate customization. Through customizations, you may also choose different styles, like a different background color or image.

In the Customize section, under the Mini-apps tab, next to each added mini-app you will find a dropdown listing the different customizations you have previously created.

In case no customizations are created yet, you will instead see a Customize button. Exporting your ebook without any customizations to your added mini-apps will result in an error and terminate the export.

How to Customize

Navigate to the added mini-app and click on either the Customize button or the New customization item in the dropdown menu. You will be taken to the mini-app's customization settings.

Scroll in the right hand area and fill in the customization fields.

Hit Save at the bottom of the list. You should now find your customization in the list of customizations for this mini-app.