Welcome to the June Kotobee release. Here are some interesting new additions in Kotobee v1.7.2.

Add EPUBs by URL

If your EPUB file is very large or already hosted somewhere online, you may now upload these EPUBs directly to your Kotobee Library using a downloadable URL. This will make our server download and process that EPUB file remotely, without having to upload it from your machine.

Device Limit Notification

If you're using private libraries or cloud ebooks, you may already know that you can control the number of login devices allowed for each user. What's new in this release, is that you can set a "device threshold". When a user logs in and reaches this device threshold, you will receive a notification. This can be useful to reset the devices of users you trust beforehand, without waiting for them to contact you first.

iPad Pro Screenshots

Added support for iPad Pro screen dimensions when exporting your mobile app screenshots. The added dimensions are 2732px 2048px (both portrait and landscape).

EpubCheck Comprehensive Report

When exporting an EPUB file and choosing to validate with EPUBCheck (from the EPUB Advanced Options) you will now receive a more comprehensive report for errors and warnings generated by EPUBCheck.

Optimization for Large Notes

If your users rely on taking many notes inside your ebooks, we have optimized the note loading process such that notes are loaded per chapter (on-demand) rather than preloaded for the entire book.

This release came with plenty of bug fixes too.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed blocking errors with Kindle (MOBI) export
  • Bug fixes with setting payment keys using Paypal and Stripe
  • Enabled "Startup page" screenshot export for mobile apps
  • Fixed continuously enabled persistent answers option for questions
  • Optimized file size for free images downloaded into ebooks
  • Hid redeem code if promo codes are disabled
  • Hid library languages dropdown if languages setting is disabled
  • More robust and smooth spine navigation
  • Fixed image linking inconsistencies
  • Fixed bugs with renaming promo codes
  • Allowing PDF root chapter dropdown to be selectable

This release is worth a download, for its stability and new additions. Go ahead and download it from https://www.kotobee.com/products/author/versions.

If you have any feedback we'd love to hear it. Send to us at support@kotobee.com or even reach us through the Live Chat on our website.

Best of luck!