This super-quick release presents to you two new features and bug fixes. Let us take a look.

Public Notes

A frequently requested feature is to give users the option to make their notes visible to the public. The notes are public for viewing but only the owner of the note (or those with global permissions) can edit or delete that note. This introduces a more social experience and collaborative tool for your users, making notes look more like conversations. 

For obvious reasons, this feature is available only for private cloud ebooks and libraries (where user login is necessary). The annotations must all be set to sync with the backend (through the settings).

Adding public notes is a permission that is turned off by default. You may select which users (or user roles) you'd like to give access to from their respective permissions section, which takes us to the next section.

Redesigned Permissions Panel

You probably noticed in the previous screenshot some layout changes to the permissions panel. The different permissions are now listed in an organized fashion, with sufficient descriptions.

Multiple Notes

You may now add multiple notes to the same text, which will get sorted by date.

Custom Registration Fields

If your cloud ebook or library is enabled for self-registration, you may now customize the registration form by selecting which fields to display to the user. 

Options are: Name, Date of birth, County, City, TelephoneDepartment, Organization, and Additional information. This setting may be found in a new section named Registration under the cloud ebook or library settings.

Bug fixes

Here are the major bugs fixed in this release.

  • Woocommerce Integration bug
  • Book search by name was not working for large libraries

Go ahead and download this release from 

Best of luck and stay safe!