This release has major memory optimization fixes especially for Mac OS. This comes along with additional payment convenience features to help you efficiently monetize your ebooks.

Let's take a look at the full feature set.

Shopping Cart

If you're selling books inside a library, your reader can now add multiple items to a shopping cart and check them out in a single purchase., instead of purchasing them individually.

Payment Subscriptions

You can now sell ebooks using a new payment model: subscriptions. Basically place your price, and the billing cycle in days. Users who purchase and subscribe, will receive an email every billing cycle containing a payment link.

Kotobee Author will show you a list of all active subscriptions.

Book Reviews & Rating

For library owners, you may now allow users to add their reviews to books in your library, accompanied with a five-star based rating. There are plenty of settings to help you achieve what you need, such as allowing reviews from anonymous users, or disabling the rating. These settings may be accessed through the new "Annotations & reviews" settings tab.

New Ebook Templates

Eight new ebook templates have been added to Kotobee Author, to give you more variety with how you start your next ebook project. 

New Payment Gateway

A new payment gateway "Moyasar" has been added to your payment gateway options. This payment gateway is more suited for payment collection in the Middle East.

Book "Get" API

A new API endpoint has been added to get all the details of a library book through its ID. This is useful for external systems that would like to keep track of the books in the library.

“System” Hyperlink 

For the advanced users, beside creating _self and _blank hyperlinks, you can now add _system links. This allows downloadable files to be downloaded using a mobile device's default downloading application.

Bug fixes:

Here are the major bugs fixed in this release.

  • Bug with replacing an ebook template
  • Mac occasional crashes when navigating through chapters

Go ahead and download this release from 

Best of luck and stay safe!