This release lists some interesting features and critical bug fixes in Kotobee v.1.8.1. Let's have a look.

4 New Mini-apps

Based on multiple requests, we have released Chess, Google Docs, Survey, and Coloring Book mini-apps. They serve different purposes and will give your ebooks a significant upgrade. You can find our full list of mini-apps at 

16 New Ebook Templates

Kotobee Author now provides 16 new ebook templates for educational ebooks, suitable for school, higher education, or the workplace. Kotobee Author currently has a total of 43 ebook templates, and there are still more to come in our pipeline.

Adding Images by URL

You can now add remote images to your ebook without having to pack more sizes to your exported ebook file. This is useful if you have a large collection of images located somewhere on the internet, and you know your reader won't mind using their internet access to view these images. This is especially useful if you'll be exporting a mobile app, as it will significantly reduce the size of the app.

Single EXE Bundle

A long requested feature for ebook Windows desktop apps was to bundle together all the output system files into a single EXE file to make it easier for running and even sending. This is now an option when exporting Windows desktop apps.

Time Left to Finish Uploading

When uploading an ebook to our servers (whether it's a new ebook or only new modifications) you will now be able to see the time remaining for the upload to be completed.

Export Book XLS Report

You can export an XLS report for all the books in your library. In the upcoming release, you will be able to import them back and apply changes in bulk.

No Sleep for Android and iOS

Ebooks running as Android and iOS mobile apps will no longer go to sleep if left for a long time. As long as the ebook is displayed, the screen will stay awake.

Android/iOS Fixed Text Size

Users who have the font size on their device's mobile accessibility settings set to a value other than "Normal" previously affected how the text and icons were displayed inside the ebook app. For a more consistent experience, this no longer affects your ebook apps.

Critical Fixes

There are 2 critical fixes worth mentioning in this update.

Widget Importing

Importing widget files was broken in Kotobee v1.8.0, and it's fixed now.

PDF Importing Outlines

When importing outlines of a PDF, complex outline structures had unexpected results in the ebook's table of contents. The logic behind this has been redeveloped so that the resulting table of content resembles the PDF outline.

Go ahead and download this release from and do not hesitate to give us your feedback.

Best of luck and stay safe!