This release comes 4 months after the previous ones with plenty of new features, especially within assessment and reporting. Let's see the highlights.

Flexible Filtering

Taking the lion's share of development in this release, flexible filtering allows you to combine different filtering criteria, in addition to sorting and controlling the visibility of data columns.

New Assessment Features

Question Visibility Duration

You can now choose your question set to appear for a limited duration. This is an excellent option for time-sensitive quizzes and assignments. Optionally, you may display a countdown timer to your users to let them know how much time they have left.

Score History

If your questions are set to store users' answers on the cloud (see previous), this option will display a list of your users' previous submissions (and scores) inside the ebook directly below the question.

Saved Submissions

Choose whether to store all your users' submissions, only the first one, or only the last one.

Custom Labels for Reports

If you are saving users' answers to the server, and viewing reports on Author, you will find that the title of each Question Set is used to reference that Question Set. A problem that may occur is when you would have the same title for multiple questions, especially when they are generic titles (e.g. "Activity" or "End of Chapter Questions"). This makes it hard to distinguish the scores in the reports. For that reason, why we have added a new option which is to add a custom label for each question set, to help you easily identify the saved scores.

More Organized Settings

The question settings have been organized and laid out in a way to make each item easily reachable, understandable, and categorized. The settings have been divided into 7 categories as illustrated below.

XLS Reporting Features

In earlier Author versions, exporting an XLS report of any list would basically export all the data for you in a sheet. You may now apply flexible filtering (see previous) to the report such that it has a condensed view of only what you need, and only the columns you would like to see.

Permission to View Reports

Additionally, when sharing your library or cloud ebook with other admins, a new permission has been introduced: Can view reports. This makes it easier for analysts to view reports without messing with anything else in your library or cloud ebook.

Question Reports UI

Questions reports now have a much more pleasant UI, showing a proper list of all answer submissions for a particular question.

More User Fields

These fields have been added for users: university, faculty, department, division, class, gender, custom ID. You can set any of these values through the user's dashboard: More user fields (faculty, class, section, etc)

Android API Level

Mobile app export has been upgraded to support Android API level 31, which is a recent requirement by Google Play Store.

More Themes for Your Reader

More themes have been added to save you the trouble of picking your own color for each panel. This option is accessible from the Customize screen, under the Appearance tab.

20 New Ebook Templates

We have added 20 beautiful new ebook templates to Kotobee Author.

Book Panel UI Improvements

With our reader v2.0 out of beta and recommended for usage, a cleaner UI has been created for the book panel in libraries:

Show Promo Code Redeemers

When entering a promo code's dashboard, you can see which users have redeemed this promo code.

Online PDF Converter

A free online service has been launched to convert your PDF document into an online (hosted) ebook directly through the browser. Be sure to give it a try:

Google Analytics 4

In your ebook's customization options, we now support tracking through Google Analytics 4.

Cloud Ebook Shortcut

A simple yet extremely useful shortcut in the hosted ebook list is to navigate to the respective cloud ebook directly by clicking on a button.

Mini-App Widget Default Language

If you are exporting your mini-app as a widget (a recent feature we released), you may now set the default language for the widget through a custom popup.

Download v1.8.2 from and do not hesitate to give us your feedback.

Best of luck and stay safe!