This quick release includes a few important additions to Kotobee Author.

Easier Question Reporting

If you are into exams and self-assessment activities, this enhancement makes life easier for you. Exporting a report now is more self-intuitive and guides you through the process with better choices and explanations.

Multiple Submissions Mode

When filtering question submissions, in case a user has made multiple submissions for the same question set/collection, you can choose how to deal with these multiple submissions. You can either display them all, display the first one only, the last one only, or the submission with the highest score.

Filtering through Book Access

Our new filtering, introduced in v1.8.2, now provides you with the option to filter users or promo codes by book access, category access, or library access. This means you can create a shortlist of the users who have been assigned access to a certain book.

That is all for this release. 

Download v1.8.3 from and feel free to send us your feedback.

Best of luck and stay safe!