Over the past 2 months, our team has been  focusing on addressing reported issues, applying fixes, and optimizing performance. This release includes several noticeable features that we believe will enhance your experience. And while these improvements  may not sound too glamorous, they should not be taken lightly. Here are some noticeable features you will see in this v1.8.7.

Searchable Dropdowns

Long dropdowns can now be filtered using keywords. This makes it convenient to select items from a long list, such as a specific country from a long list or a permission for a collaborator.

Pre-specify Promo Code Names

Previously, adding a promo code to your library or cloud ebook generated a random code which you can later change. In this release, you can specify the code before creating it.

Add User Permissions at Creation

Similarly, when adding a new user or creating a promo code,you can now add the initial permissions for that user or code in the creation dialog.

Mini-Apps Updated

All our mini-apps have been updated to the latest version. Many mini-apps windows can now be minimized and restored.

Kotobee Reader Updated

Kotobee Reader for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac have been updated.

Download the newest version, v1.8.7, from https://www.kotobee.com/products/author/versions.

If you have any feedback or special requests for any of our Kotobee products, we would be more than happy and grateful to hear them. You may contact us through the website

In the meantime, stay safe!