Creating your own interactive ebook has now become an easy and simple process, thanks to the user-friendly interface that Kotobee Author provides. With a few simple steps, you will soon be able to create, customize, and access your first ebook. This online user guide will help you by providing detailed steps to accomplish everything you need. It will also show examples and different user cases, as well as clarify terms that may be difficult to understand independently. If you happen to miss finding what you are searching for, you may contact our customer support agents, who are available to answer any questions you have anytime. This user guide is periodically updated, based on topics that users face most difficulty or confusion with.


You may download Kotobee Author for your operating system from the downloads/pricing page. Kotobee Author runs on Windows 32-bit or 64-bit, and Mac OS. Like any other software on Windows, you will need administrator privileges to install Kotobee Author. However, running the software does not require administrator privileges. Some data from Kotobee Author will be stored in the application’s temporary directory, such as your serial number. This is to make your experience better and to avoid letting you retype certain information on every single run. This is a double-edged sword however; if you are using a computer other than your own, such as a public computer, we strongly recommend that you logout of your account after finishing your work. This will clear the serial number from the temporary directory, and hence avoid any possible breach into your account.

Installation for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit


The software installer may be obtained from Kotobee’s download and pricing page, under Kotobee Author. Download the platform of your choice. Once the download completes, you may run the installer. If you are not using an administrator account, you will be asked for administrator privileges to continue with the installer. This is natural when installing any software. After granting permissions, select the language of your preference in the installer. 

The language you select will be the default language used in Kotobee Author. This can be changed later from the software'e Settings menu.

The next setup screen will display the version of Kotobee Author that you are installing. Click Next to continue.

The next setup screen will show you where Kotobee Author will be installed. You may change this to your preference. Otherwise, leave it to the default path. Click Next.

The next screen shows preferences for the Start Menu. That is the menu which appears when clicking on the Windows Start button. The Start Menu folder is the name that will appear for Kotobee Author in the list of apps in the menu. We recommend to leave it as "Kotobee Author". Otherwise, rename it as you wish.

The last step of the installation process is to check whether you would like to create a desktop icon. If you do, you can easily remove it later on.

The final screen shows you a summary of your installation settings. Click on Install, to finish the installation. Otherwise, click on Back to make edits to your preferences. Once the installer has finished installing the software, you may find the software in your start-menu, or on your desktop in case you have requested that a shortcut be added to the desktop

Mac OS Installation

In the case of Mac OS, the downloaded file is an app bundle that can be dragged and dropped into your Applications folder directly.