In Kotobee Author, you may add images with special interactive effects upon clicking or touching. A quick shortcut to insert an image is by dragging an image from your operating system into the Kotobee Author editor.  


To add an image

  • Click on the Image tool
  • Click on Add Image and select the image you would like to insert
  • Fill in the rest of the image properties and click Create

Available properties

The width of the image. The width may be pixel-based or percentage-based. Leave this empty to use the image's original dimensions
The height of the image. If you have specified a width, leave this empty to scale proportionally
Align the gallery to either side and allow text to wrap beside it. Setting to 'None' centers the gallery and consumes the entire horizontal space
Disable text-wrapping for small screensThe image will occupy the entire horizontal row if the ebook is displayed on a screen with small dimensions
Set an empty spacing around the gallery. Particularly useful when wrapping text around the element
ClassMark this image with a CSS class
PositionHave the element positioned at a fixed (absolute) position, or have it reflow with the rest of the content. Note that fixed elements may overlap other reflowable elements. It is recommended to use fixed elements only if the rest of the elements in the chapter or container are fixed
xIn case fixed positioning is used, you may specify the x coordinates
yIn case fixed positioning is used, you may specify the y coordinates
ALT    Alternative text in case the image cannot be displayed

Animation effects

You may set the image interactive animation from under the Animation tab. Under the Animation on Click label, select between different animation effects that are activated upon click. You may see the image in actual action by previewing the chapter and clicking on the image. By checking Display in popup, you have the option of opening the image in a popup window once clicked. The image will appear in its original size with scrolling capabilities, and pinch zoom (for mobile).