Learn how to brand your ebook app's interface. Customize the App's Startup Page, Header, Tabs, and Chapters Menu.

Branding your ebook is simple. Once you open Kotobee Author, click on the Customize tab in the top header. It will automatically lead you to the Design tab, where you will set all the following design elements.

Startup Page

The startup page is the first screen your readers will see when they open your app. It appears while your book is loading. How long it stays on the screen depends on the size and complexity of your ebook. Short simple books will load quickly. Large complex books will take longer to load and the Startup Page will remain on the screen longer. There are five different options that you can customize: slogan, logo, image, background color and loading message.To learn how to customize the Startup Page, read Customize the App's Startup Page.


App Header

Header background gradient sets the color of the header bar. For a solid color, you can set the From and To colors to the same color. Header foreground color The color you select here will be used for the text color in the header bar.

For detailed instructions, see Customize the App's Header.

App Control Bar

The app's control bar appears at the bottom of the screen.   You can customize the colors of both the App Control Bar and the Text, from the Advanced Color Options.

For detailed instructions, see Customize the Appearance of the App's Control Bar.


App Chapter Menu 

The app's chapter menu appears on the left and is split into two sections.  The top part features the Book Info, and the Chapter Menu is below it.  You can customize the color of the backgrounds and text of each section separately.

 For detailed instructions, see Customize the App's Chapter Menu.

Any time you would like to reset to the initial colors set by Kotobee Author, simply click on Reset to default colors.


To test out how your ebook application will look on various platforms, you can head to the top header, where various options are available.


The Mode options allow you to see how your ebook will look on the web and on a mobile app. Not just that, you can see how your ebook will look on various platforms, merely click on the Full View button and scroll down till you select the device of choice. That can help you adjust your ebook’s format to what looks best on a variety of devices and platforms.