If you are exporting your ebook as a PDF and receive a user permissions error, this means you do not have enough user permissions to execute a library files required for PDF generation. This happens particularly on Mac OS. To verify this, open the log file (from the Support menu > Show log). By searching, you should find this error in the text:

/bin/sh: /Users/mac_username/Library/Application Support/Kotobee Author/plugins/wkhtmltopdfmac/wkhtmltopdfmac: Permission denied

To fix this, you should basically provide appropriate permissions for your user account to access this file.

Adding permissions through Finder

  1. Navigate to the file /Users/mac_username/Library/Application Support/Kotobee Author/plugins/wkhtmltopdfmac/wkhtmltopdfmac
  2. CMD+click on the file and select Get Info
  3. From the bottom of the Info window, click the lock button to unlock. It will prompt you to enter an administrator username and password

    Permission settings at the bottom of an Info window

  4. Under the Sharing & Permissions list, find your username and set it's respective privilege to Read & Write.

Adding permissions through terminal

  1. Navigate to the folder /Users/mac_username/Library/Application Support/Kotobee Author/plugins/wkhtmltopdfmac
  2. CMD+click on the folder and select New Terminal at Folder. If it's not present, it may be under the Services submenu
  3. Once Terminal has started, enter the following and hit Enter
    chmod 755 wkhtmltopdfmac

Download wkhtmltopdf manually

If both of the above solutions fail, your last resort would be to download the wkhtmltopdf library manually.

  1. Go to https://wkhtmltopdf.org/downloads.html and download the appropriate version for your OS
  2. Open the package installer, and follow the instructions to install it completely to your machine
  3. Open Terminal (type in Terminal in the Spotlight)
  4. We need to find the path of where wkhtmltopdf was installed. Enter the following and hit Enter
    which wkhtmltopdf
  5. Note the path that appears in the result. To copy wkhtmltopdf from that path to the one used by Kotobee, enter the following (replacing path/from/previous/step/wkhtmltopdf with the actual path you are getting from the previous path) and hit Enter
    cp "path/from/previous/step/wkhtmltopdf"  "/Users/mac_username/Library/Application Support/Kotobee Author/plugins/wkhtmltopdfmac/wkhtmltopdfmac"

    *remember to replace mac_username with your own Mac username