Learn how to animate an image with the help of Kotobee Author.

What would you like the image to do when your users click on it?  It can appear in a full-size popup, wiggle, jump or scale.

  1.  Double click on the image.
  2. The Insert/Edit Image window will open.
  3. Select the Animation tab.
  4. Click on the Animation style you prefer.
    • None
    • None - Check Display in popup (the image will open in a popup window in its original size with scrolling capabilities, and pinch zoom)
    • Wiggle (Rotate slightly, right then left)
    • Jump (jump upward once then return to its original location)
    • Enlarge (Expand then return to its original size on the page)
  5. Click Create/Edit.

To learn more options in relation to images please refer to: Resize an Image and  Wrap Text Next to an Image.