Learn how to wrap text next to an image gallery. You can wrap text when the chapter is reflowable. If you want text to wrap next to an image gallery in fixed layout, first add a container, then add the image gallery and text in the same container.

1. Double click on the gallery or click the blue pencil button in the upper right corner of the gallery.

2.  The Insert/Edit Gallery window will open.

3.  Find the Text-Wrap drop-down box.

4.  If you want the gallery to be 

  • Alone on a line without any text surrounding it, select None. 
  • Left of the text (and text on the right), select Push left.  
  • Right of the text (and text on the left), select Push right.  

5.  Set the Margin you would like around the gallery.  The default is 5 px.

     Setting a larger number means a larger empty space around the gallery.

6.  Click Create/Edit.

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