Learn how to use the two different scaling options for images inside a gallery.

Scale images inside a gallery

  1. Double click on the gallery or click the blue pencil button in the upper right corner of the gallery.
  2. The Insert/Edit Gallery window will open.
  3. Click on the drop-down box under the word Enlarge.
  4. There are two scaling options that control how images appear inside the gallery.  
    1. Contain displays the whole image within the gallery window. It preserves the image’s original proportions and simply scales it to fit the gallery window. This might leave some of the gallery window empty, which will be filled with a solid “background color” that you can set yourself.
    2. With Cover, the image will cover the entirety of the gallery window. This, however, may crop the image from one of the sides, so make sure you preview or resize the gallery before deciding which option to choose.
  5. Click Create/Edit.

To learn more about options in relation to galleries please refer to Resize a Gallery, Change a Gallery's Background Color, Wrap Text Next to a Gallery and Rearrange/Delete Images from a Gallery.