Learn how Cloud Ebooks can protect your ebooks.

Cloud ebooks can provide protection to your ebooks at three different levels, all optional: encryption, user access control, and  device DRM. Through them, you can rest assured that your ebook content is safe.


Encrypting your ebook means that all the content in the pages will be turned into gibberish code,  unreadable by any browser. Only once the user is allowed access to the ebook (through the ebook app, regardless whether web, mobile, or desktop) a special key is downloaded from the server to decrypt the code into readable HTML. This way, even if users find the specific URLs to your Table of Contents, or chapters, it's all unreadable data which they can't make any use of.

User Access Control

This is the most popular reason why our users love cloud ebooks. You are able to choose who can access your ebook and who can't. Accessing the ebook will be just like accessing an email - requires an email/password combination. There are many options that come along with this, such as allowing users to register themselves, or customizing activation emails sent to users, etc. More information can be found here: Managing Cloud Ebooks.

Device DRM

Even if you've enabled the previous two protection methods, you still face the risk of a user distributing his email/password combination to hundreds of other users. To avoid that, you can set a limit to the number of unique devices a single email/password combination can be used on. By device, we refer to mobile devices, browsers, and computers. We always recommend 3 as a good number of devices to use for Device DRM.

Non-cloud ebook protection

There are mild protection techniques still available if you won't be using cloud ebooks. They can be selected through the Customization screen, and include:

  • Disable exporting to PDF
  • Disable print
  • Disable copying to clipboard

If you are however really concerned about security and confidentiality of your ebook content, then cloud ebooks are strongly recommended.

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