Learn how to change your ebook app’s default language. 

If you will be exporting your ebook to a Web App, Desktop App, or Mobile App, the Kotobee Reader will be embedded in the app for seamless viewing. The Kotobee Reader interface is available in 19 languages. When you select a default language, your app will automatically open for your readers in the language you select as the default. 

  1. Click on the Customize tab to open the customization screen.
  2. Click on Reading.
  3. Select a language from the Default language drop-down menu and you're done.

That is all there is to it, but you may want to make other changes:

  • If you would like to customize the language, read Change Any Text in Your App's Interface.
  • If you do NOT want your readers to change the app's language, next to Language Change click Disable.
  • If you enabled the Text-to-speech option, the reader can listen to the pronunciation of any word or sentence. Text-to-Speech is currently available in 16 languages. To select the text-to-speech pronunciation language (and accent in the case of English), click on the Speech language drop-down menu and select the language.
  • If you are enabling Wikipedia Search, you may also select one of the 19 supported languages by Wikipedia. Click on the Wikipedia Language drop-down menu then select one of the 19 available languages for your readers to search.