Learn the various options of the Support menu in Kotobee Author.

Support menu

The Support menu provides you with different channels of support.

Knowledge Base

This option is a link that will take you straight to our Kotobee Author Knowledge Base where we provide you with tutorials and basic how-tos regarding every aspect of the Kotobee Author interface. If you still can't find what you're looking for, please contact us directly and ask us whatever you want. 

Community Forums

This option is a link that will take you to our Community Forums where you can interact with other Kotobee Author users, you can ask questions or learn more about how they're using the platform and what kind of ebooks they're creating.

Kotobee Blog

This option is a link that will take you to Kotobee's blog where you'll find a database of articles on writing and Kotobee Author as well. The blog has blog posts out by both Kotobee's writing staff as well as guest posts provided by blog fans.

Official Social Pages

This option is a link that will take you to Kotobee Author's social media pages. So far, it will lead you to both our Facebook page and our Twitter page.

Open working directory

This option opens the directory where the current project you're working on is.

Open backup directory

This option opens a directory specific to that ebook on the user's computer that has a number of backups that were periodically made for the currently opened ebook. They are automatically made when you save your work, either normally or with a timestamp. 

Keep in mind that there can be 1 backup at most per hour. So once a backup is taken, no matter how many times you save your work after that, another backup won't be taken until an hour has passed.

Test connection

This option checks that the connection to kotobee.com is working fine. Many universities block different software from making online connections to servers, so this is to check that they are able to make a simple connection to our server.

Show log

This option shows you your logging history by clicking on Help > Show log. Most often, this file will be required by customer support in case you are facing any difficulty issues.

I need help!

This channel leads you to our Help & Support popup with three empty spaces to fill:

  • Requester: where you'll provide your email address for us to get back to you.
  • Subject: where you'll provide us with what your issue will be regarding.
  • Message: where you'll explain your issue in detail for us to understand it and provide you with the proper help you need. You can also add pictures and attach screenshots to help give us a clear picture.

This option can also be found on the main platform next to your name on the right side.