Learn how to start a chapter or subchapter without starting a new page, such that the chapters flow after one another for your readers.

Reflowable Layout

If you want the chapters of your ebook to flow consecutively as if one long chapter, but still want your readers to be able to reach the chapters from the Table of Contents, use Anchors to mark the beginning of Chapters.

Fixed Layout

If you have a chapter (or subchapter) that starts in the middle of a page, use an anchor to add the start of the chapter to your Table of Contents.

Insert Anchors as Chapter Bookmarks

  1. Select the title of the chapter in your text. (If you do not have a title, you may highlight the first word in the chapter and rename the chapter later.)
  2. Click on the Anchor button in the right interactive content panel.
    The Insert/Edit Anchor window will appear.
  3. Name your Anchor. The name must be unique, do not reuse the same anchor name. The name will not appear to your users.
  4. Check Create a new linked chapter to this anchor.
    If you want it to be a subchapter, also check Make it a child of the current chapter.
  5. Click OK.
    A flag will appear where your anchor is.

Your new chapter will appear in the left panel. You may rename the title without affecting the original anchor text.

Delete a Chapter Anchor

  1. Delete the anchor flag in the middle of the text. (Delete or Backspace buttons)
  2. Delete the chapter from the left panel (Select the chapter and press the red trash can button at the bottom of the page).  

The content of your ebook will not be affected.

And you're done.

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