Learn how to export a PDF book with the help of Kotobee Author.

Kotobee Author allows you to export your book as a standard PDF document. 

  1. Click on Export in the header bar.
  2. Click on PDF in the Export Standard Files in the left column.If you are using Kotobee Author without a serial number, the Create button will read as “Enter serial number”. Click on it and follow the instructions you'll be given to register for a free serial number.
    Once you have the required permissions, the buttons will turn to Create.
  3. Click on Delay(optional).

    This option is a safety margin just to make sure that the screen is fully loaded before images of the pages are caught to generate the pdf file. The default delay time is 4 seconds. If the chapter contains large images, it will take longer to load and will require a longer delay.

  4. Choose Ignore errors (optional). 
    This option allows you to continue generating the PDF even if there are errors in the generation process.
  5. Choose Separate chapters (optional).
    This will create a separate PDF file for each chapter instead of one PDF file for the entire ebook.
  6. Click Create and you're done.