Learn how to take screenshots of your mobile app for customer viewing on the various app stores, with the help of Kotobee Author. Uploading a mobile app onto an app store requires some screenshots of the app to show users the platform and make it look more appealing.


Go to the Customization window, where you can take screenshots of your app on any device. You can then add labels and highlights in any photo editor.

Kotobee Auto-generated Screenshots

Kotobee can also generate a screenshot for you.

  1. Go to the Export screen.
  2. Click on Export Mobile App.
  3. Find Screenshots in the lower right corner.
  4. Select the chapter you want the screenshot to come from under Screen.
  5. Enter how long you want the screenshot to wait for the ebook app to load before taking the screenshot in Delay.

    This option is a safety margin just to make sure that the screen is fully loaded before it takes the screenshot. To take a screenshot, Kotobee Author actually plays the app in the background and then takes the screenshot. The delay gives the app time to run fully to get a good image. You can choose longer delays if you'd like the shot to be a little later in the chapter. The default delay time is 5 seconds. If the chapter contains large images, it will take longer to load and will require a longer delay.

And you're done. Repeat these steps to generate multiple screenshots on phones and tablets.