Learn how to add an overlay button to your imported PDF files within your ebook, linking it to both internal and external content.

Importing PDF files can make it a little difficult to add links to considering the content can be fixed and at times not easy to highlight. But with the help of overlay buttons, you can easily fix that. This option can help you add additional interactivity above the PDF page.

Adding overlay buttons in fixed-layout chapters

To add an overlay button in fixed-layout chapters:

  1. Click on the Link tool. (With reflowable layouts, an error message will appear telling you to highlight some text first).
    The Link dialog box will appear with two additional properties.
  2. Click on the Edit button to change the Transparency.
  3. Choose a value between 0 (invisible) and 100 (opaque) to specify the button's transparency.

After adding the overlay button, you will be able to position and resize it like any interactive object in fixed-layout mode by dragging to resize.