Learn how to select full screen options, to make the menu bars collapse and reappear in your mobile app.

Kotobee Reader comes with several fullscreen options for mobile apps. This feature is not available for other export formats. 

To maximize the reading area for your readers the top menu bar and lower tab bar can collapse (disappear) providing a fullscreen view, for increased reading pleasure. As the author and designer of your app, you get to choose which of these options will work best for your book design. Here are the three options:

  • Pull When the app opens the bars will not be present, but the reader can pull down the chapter bar or pull up the tabs bar individually.
  • Scroll When the app opens, the bars will be there, but as the reader scrolls down the bars will disappear. When you scroll back up, both bars reappear.
  • Tap When the app opens the bars will be there. With this option, the readers simply tap on the screen and both bars reappear.

You can also turn fullscreen off entirely and both bars will be present at all times.

Now we'll walk you through the steps.

  1. Go to the Customize Screen by clicking on Customize in the header.
  2. Click Mobile to view the feature settings.
  3. From the Fullscreen drop down menu select how you want the bars to appear and disappear:
    • Pull for bars: The bars will appear when readers pull down the chapter bar or pull up the tabs bar.  
    • Scroll for bars: The bars will disappear while scrolling down, and reappear while scrolling up.
    • Tap for bars: Tapping anywhere on the screen will toggle the visibility of the chapter and tab bars. 
    • No fullscreen: The top and bottom bars will always show.

This feature is not emulated in the customize screen.