Learn about ebook widgets: what they are, where to find ready-made ones, and where you can create your own.

What is a widget? 

Widgets are like miniature apps that your readers can use in your ebook. Widgets can be as simple as calculators or as complex as games, serve individual use or collaborative goals. 

Add widgets to help your readers connect with you, send you messages or participate in polls, and even help your readers connect with the rest of the world, with live videos from Ustream, real-time Instagram galleries, or even real-time Twitter feeds in your ebook. 

Everyday ebook widgets are breaking the boundaries of what defines a book. Books are no longer static, they’ve become dynamic and constantly changing. Your ebook reading experience will never be the same twice. 

Where do I get one?

You'll find ready-made ebook widgets available online, both free and paid. Most widgets can be customized. A popular ebook widget website is BookWidgets.


After you download your widget, you can add it to your ebook in one of two ways: as part of the page, or with an icon in the page that opens the widget in a popup window.

Where can I make my own widgets? 

Ebook widgets are essentially HTML5 apps. So, you can use your favorite HTML5-animation software, such as Adobe Animate or Google Web Designer, to create HTML5 apps that will run smoothly in your Kotobee ebook. Then, follow the instructions to add your interactive animation or HTML5 app.


Add a Widget

Add a Popup Widget