Learn how to add a widget that will play in a popup window. Only the widget's icon will appear on the page. After the reader clicks on the icon, the widget will appear in a popup window.

If you want the widget to appear as part of the page, then go to Add a Widget

Have your widget's ZIP file ready. If you don't already have a widget, read all about widgets and how to get them.

  1. Click the Widget button in the interactive content panel on the right of the Edit Screen.
    The Insert/Edit Widget window will open.
  2. Click on the large Popup Widget button.
  3. Click Add Widget File.
  4. Select the widget's zip file from your computer, then click Open.

    After you add the widget file, some optional settings will appear:

  5. Click Create.
    The widget's button will appear in the Edit screen.

To try out your widget, click the green Preview button in the lower right corner of Kotobee Author.