Learn how to add an MCQ multiple answer questions.

The reader may select any or all choices as an answer to this multiple choice question. 

  1. Go to the toolbox on the right-hand side of the screen and click on the Questions button. 
    The Insert/Edit Questions window will appear.
  2. Enter a Title for the questions. This title will appear as the heading for the questions module. 
  3. Select how the users receive the answers. Response:
    • Score only: Displays a score for the user after the answers are submitted. 
    • Score and answer report: Displays a detailed score report showing the correct and incorrect answers. 
    • Do nothing: Neither scores, nor answers are given.
  4. Click on the  MCQ Multiple Answer button to add to your questions component. You can add as many questions as you like.
  5. Fill in the question text, and choices (if applicable). You will need to specify the correct answer along with the question. The correct answer is used with the self-answer, to give a score for the user. 

     For each question, you can apply the following additions:
    • Add image: Displays an image as part of the question.
    • Add answer explanation: Displays further information/explanation after the questions are submitted. The explanation will appear in both cases: whether the question is answered correctly or incorrectly and will appear under the answer choices.
    • Add reference: Guide the user to an external source through a "Learn more" button. This will appear right below the explanation (explained above) once the user's answers have been submitted.
    • Score weight: You can assign different weights for different questions in Kotobee Author. The default weight is 1. If all questions have the same score weight, this makes all the questions equal in terms of importance. In general, more important questions should receive higher score weights.
    • Add an extra choice: Add another choice in addition to the four existing choices that appear automatically when you click on the MCQ single choice button.
  6. Click on Create finalizes the questions portion.