Learn how to set an icon for your 3D model in Kotobee Author and control how the object is displayed before the 3D model appears.

  1. Click on the 3D tool.
  2. Enter a 3D Object Name. This name is optional and will not affect the model's behavior in any way. But it is a way to label the 3D object in editing mode.
  3. Click on the Objects tab button.
  4. Click on Import new object from the dropdown list.
  5. Head to your documents and select the OBJ file from your system, then click on Open
    You can add multiple objects.
  6. Click on Interaction.
  7. Go to PlaceHolder image and click on Add image.
    This image will be act as an icon for you 3D model, once you click on it, your 3D model will appear.
  8. Check the box next to Include overlay message if you want a message appear on top of the placeholder image.
  9. Add an Overlay message in the empty space.
    The default is Click to see 3D object.
  10. Go to Target and select if you'd like the model to appear on the page or in a panel.
  11. Click on Create if there are no more adjustments you want to make.
If you want to track interactions with this 3D in your LMS when exporting to SCORM, you can assign the 3D model to a defined objective. You can define new objectives from the Book manager. To do that, please refer to Assign a SCORM Objective.