Learn how you can set a lighting preset for your 3D model.

  1. Click on the 3D tool.

  2. Enter a 3D Object Name. This name is optional and will not affect the model's behavior in any way. But it is a way to label the 3D object in editing mode.
  3. Click on the Objects tab button.
  4. Click on Import new object from the dropdown list.
  5. Head to your documents and select the OBJ file from your system, then click on Open
    You can add multiple objects.
  6. Head to the Lighting tab and click on Create new light in the drop-down list.
    You can add more than one light source.
  7. Create a Name for it.
    This name will be used as an ID and will not affect the lighting behavior in any way.
  8. Choose the Light type you like.
    There are six different lighting types to choose from, each showing different results. Each light type will display different properties to set, such as color, position, and intensity.
  9. Change the lighting Color to whatever color you like.
  10. Go to Position and change the coordinates to where you want your 3D object to be.
  11. Click on Create if there are no more adjustments you want to do.

To remove the light you added and goes back to the default options.

To preview your 3D model, click on the large Render model button under the 3D Model Preview panel on the left. This will render the 3D scene the way it will appear in the book. If the scene is larger than the container, horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars may be used. If the model does not appear, then you need to adjust other settings for the Object, Camera, Lighting, and Scene.