Learn why you should export your library as Mobile apps with the help of Kotobee Author.

Why Export Your Ebook as a Mobile App?

If you'd like to enable offline access for your users, you need to do so before your libraries are exported.

Exporting your Library as a Mobile app allows you to get your ebook out straight to your user without the need to go through hoops with publishing platforms, or requiring your users to install an ebook reader to read your ebook on. Mobile apps are combinations of both your ebook and a Kotobee Reader making it both convenient and easy to read on smartphones and tablets. 

Kotobee Author supports exporting to three different mobile platforms: 

  • Android
  • iOS

The App Creation Process

Unlike the other export formats, the creation process for mobile apps happens on our servers rather than your machine. Your ebook is sent to the Kotobee server, where it enters a queue ready to be compiled into a mobile app.This process normally takes less than 10 min. When the app is ready, you will be sent an email notification with the download link for the app. The same download link will also be available in the Apps section inside Kotobee Author.

To track the status of the app in the generation workflow:

  1. Go to the Manage screen from the header bar.
  2. Click on Apps in the left menu and you're done.  

Status Changes

There are 5 different phases, represented by different statuses. Any status change will cause an email notification to be sent to you.

  • Pending: The app is in the queue and waiting for its turn to build. The duration of this phase depends on the congestion of the queue. Apps are served at a first come first server basis.
  • Building: The app has actually started building. This phase should take a few minutes at most.
  • Complete: The app has finished building and is available for download.
  • Rejected: For some reason, the app has failed to compile. An error message will be sent.
  • Expired: The app has expired and no longer available. This may happen with completed apps that have been left for a long time without being downloaded.

App Generation

App generation requires mobile app credits in your account. After the generation process is successful and you have received the app file, one credit is deducted per operating system. To see the number of credits you have and the number of credits required for app creation: 

  1. Click on Manage in the header bar.
    The Manage screen will open.
  2. Click on Libraries in the left panel.
  3. Select your library from the drop-down menu in the top bar. 
  4. Select Export from the Libraries menu in the left panel.
  5. The footer will show you your required credits and available credits.

For detailed instructions on how to export your mobile app on each platform, please refer to these articles:

If you want to distribute your ebook app privately or for sale, you'll need Kotobee Cloud. For more information on this feature, please refer to Understand Cloud Ebooks.