Learn about Mobile App Credits and what you can do with them.

Mobile App credits enable you to export an ebook as a mobile app for Android, iOS, or tablets. You can then distribute them privately or sell them on mobile app stores or on your blog. Learn about the different sales options.

Every export requires one Mobile App Credit. For example, if you have one ebook that you want to export for the three operating systems, you will need three Mobile App Credits. 

What do Mobile App Credits offer?

  • Android or iOS export
  • 100 MB per app
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited features
  • Customization of your app appearance and features
  • Branding your app and removal of the Kotobee watermark

How do I get Mobile App Credits?

Mobile App Credits come with Premium and Institutional licenses or can be purchased separately from pricing page.

Mobile app credit packages

How do I know how many credits I have?

  1. Open Kotobee Author.
  2. Go to the Export screen.
  3. Click on Export Mobile App.
    The export mobile app screen will appear.
    Next to Available credits in the lower bar, you'll find your available quota.

Can I see what my app will look like, before I export it?

Definitely. There are two ways you can see your app:

Make sure everything is just right, before you click the button to export. Making any changes to your ebook after it's been exported, will require another export and another credit.

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