Learn about the Kotobee Author Licenses. 

User refers to the person creating the ebook in Kotobee Author.

Kotobee Author Free License

The Kotobee Author Free License enables you to create interactive ebooks that run across all devices and platforms.

  • Create interactive ebook content
  • Import from EPUB, PDF or HTML
  • Export PDF, EPUB or MOBI (for Kindle) ebooks
  • Export Web or Desktop Apps
  • Publish to the Kotobee Shared Library

The Kotobee Author Free license limitations:

  • One user on 2 devices
  • 30 chapters/pages per ebook 
  • 50 MB per ebook 
  • Kotobee logo and watermark on web and desktop apps
  • Cannot export encrypted ePUBs, and SCORM files
  • A 30-day trial for web app hosting, cloud ebooks, and library

Kotobee Author Mobile App Credits

Mobile app credit packages

Our smallest most affordable plans. Good for Android, iOS, or Windows Phone mobile apps. If you only want to export mobile apps (and not web or desktop apps), these credit plans are right for you.

  • Export natively to Android, iOS or Windows Phone
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited features
  • Customize your app appearance and features
  • Brand your app

Kotobee Author Basic Licenses

Basic License Packages

All Kotobee Author Basic Licenses 

  • Unlimited pages per ebook
  • 150 MB per ebook
  • Export unlimited branded web and desktop apps
  • Brand apps with your logo and remove the Kotobee link
  • Add interactive short-answer questions
  • Free upgrades for one year

Basic License Group Options
# Users
License Fee
1 user
3 users
10 users
100 users

Kotobee Author Premium Licenses

Premium license packages

All Kotobee Author Premium Licenses provide all that's in the Basic License plus extra Export options:  

  • Encrypted EPUB ebooks
  • Unlimited SCORM apps
  • Language customization of ebook apps' user interface
  • 5 mobile apps

Premium License Bulk Options
# Users
# Mobile Apps
License Fee
1 user
5 mobile apps
3 users
15 mobile apps
10 users
50 mobile apps
100 users
500 mobile apps

Kotobee Author Institutional Licenses

Institutional license packages

Ideal for corporations, schools, universities, publishing houses, or any organization. 

All Kotobee Author Institutional Licenses provide all that's in the Premium License (unlimited access to all software features and export options) plus:

  • More users and extra mobile app credits
  • Specialized training sessions and support.

Institutional License Bulk Options
Number of Users
Number of mobile apps
10 users
60 mobile apps
25 users
150 mobile apps
50 users
300 mobile apps
100 users
600 mobile apps

Mobile App CreditsBasic
Interactive Content

Branded Apps


Export PDF

Export EPUB

Export MOBI (Kindle)

Export Web Apps

Export Desktop Apps

Export Mobile Apps

Export Encrypted EPUBs

Export SCORM Files for LMS Integration

Chapters/Pages per Ebook
File Size (Mobile Apps & Hosted Web Apps)
50 MB
150 MB150 MB
150 MB
150 MB
File Size (for all other formats)unlimited
Publish to the Kotobee Shared Library

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