Learn more about Kotobee Cloud and what it has to offer you.

Kotobee Cloud offers different services, essential to speeding up your development workflow while maintaining the business side of your ebooks and libraries. Since this range of services relies on our servers, Kotobee Cloud requires a constant internet connection to work. The different Kotobee Cloud services may be purchased separately, with different capacities from the website’s pricing page.

Kotobee Cloud services can be divided into the following:

Hosted ebooks

To save you the headache of finding a reliable server and uploading your web ebook files via an FTP client, Kotobee Cloud has simplified this all for you by providing an ebook hosting service. With a single click and a URL alias of your choice, your ebook will be up and running.

Cloud ebooks 

Any of your books can be turned into a cloud ebook so you can take advantage of the different user control and synchronization options. Cloud ebooks use our servers to store all the user-related data, such as login information, annotations, bookmarks, highlights, etc. Cloud ebooks may be reused across different exported ebooks - you may have the same book be exported to different platforms and formats, all while using the same user login. Your users will see all their previously saved notes and annotations, regardless of the device or platform. Cloud ebooks allow you to add or remove users whenever you want to, using only their email addresses. Cloud ebooks are also provided with encryption and DRM protection. 


Create customized libraries of ebooks, that can be accessed through a website or a mobile app. Your users will be able to view a bookshelf of books you have uploaded to your library, with multiple functionalities, such as search and categorization. Just like cloud ebooks, you can apply different user controls and synchronization options to your library. This is an important service if you have a large number of books.