Learn how to sell access to your ebook using cloud ebooks.

Cloud ebooks have gained a lot of popularity due to the fine control it provides you over your ebook's access to users. Cloud ebooks can be used to monetize your content. The general idea is that only paid users receive access to the ebook. This can be implemented in several ways.

Using a Wordpress Site

If you have a Wordpress site, or planning on creating one, it will be very easy to sell your ebooks through your website. We currently support WooCommerce and Memberful, both of which have Wordpress plugins.

Using WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a comprehensive plugin that adds e-commerce functionality to your Wordpress site. Through WooCommerce, you can display products to sell and apply different payment methods. Using our own Kotobee Wordpress plugin, you'll be able to link different WooCommerce products to your cloud ebooks or library ebooks from your account. For more information, please read: Integrate with WooCommerce.

Using Memberful

Memberful is a service that helps you sell memberships to your customers. With Memberful you can create a subscription plan, give it a recurring or one-time price, and share its link so users can subscribe and make the payment easily. Using our own Kotobee Wordpress plugin, you'll be able to integrate with Memberful and link subscription plans with cloud ebooks or library ebooks from your account. This is an excellent way to manage recurring subscriptions for your ebook. For more information, please read: Integrate with Memberful.

Not Using a Wordpress Site

If you're not using a Wordpress site, don't worry. There are still ways to sell access to your ebook.

From Your Cloud Ebook

You can simply set a price to your cloud ebook, set up a payment method, and that's all! The web app will display a Buy button to the user, where he will make the purchase online and automatically receive access to the cloud ebook. You may customize the notification emails he will receive upon or successful or failed payment attempts. Currently the supported payment methods are Paypal and Stripe.

From Your Shopify Store

You can use the popular online selling platform Shopify to create your own store and link products with your ebooks using the Kotobee-Shopify Integration Plugin. Here you are managing everything on your Shopify store, and purchased users will automatically have accounts created for them in Kotobee and the respective permissions added to them.

Developer API (Advanced)

If you're using a certain online store or payment system, they are most probably providing you with a way to be notified (programmatically) of successful sales. In this case, you can use our Integration API to remotely add paid users and give them access to certain cloud ebooks and libraries ebooks.

Manual (Non-Automated)

The last resort provides you with flexibility in the way to receive payments from your users (e.g. paypal, check, wire transfer, etc). Once the payment is confirmed, you can manually go into Kotobee Author and add the user, giving him access to the appropriate cloud ebook or library ebook. For instructions on adding users, please read: Manage Cloud Ebooks.