Learn how to add your ebook to the Kotobee Books Library.

Kotobee Books Library is the easiest way for you to give your readers quick and easy access to your ebook. Not only that but also since the shared digital library allows readers coming in from all over the world to access all books, you can increase your readership and gain more exposure through your ebook!

How to Publish Your Ebook on Kotobee Books

  1. Open Kotobee Books website and sign up for a free author account.
  2. From your account dashboard, click on the 'Add your first ebook' button.
  3. Follow the steps of uploading your ebook and adding your book information then press publish.

And that's it, your ebook is now published on the Kotobee Books library.

Publishing Your Ebook from Kotobee Author

If you have a Kotobee License (free or paid), you have the privilege of uploading any ebook to Kotobee Books Library directly from Kotobee Author.

  1. Go to the Export tab.
  2. Choose Export To Library.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu next to Select your library.
  4. Scroll to Kotobee Books Library and click on it. 
  5. Click on Upload and you're done.

Your ebook is now published for everyone to read

You can manage your ebook once it's in the library by heading to Dashboard from the Manage tab. This is where you can also check out your ebook's analytics, as well as get ebook insights from the Dashboard.

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