Some very useful options have been introduced in this release. Let's see what's new in v1.5.6.

In case you've missed the previous release notes, you may access it from here: Kotobee v1.5.5 Platform Release / 25th Apr 2019.

More Co-authoring Friendly

If you're using hosted ebooks or library ebooks in a team, you probably know by now that you have different revisions of your ebook tracked for you. Now you can also see who uploaded each version. This is available from two different locations: the versions dropdown menu (while you're editing the ebook in the Edit screen) and in the ebook dashboard's Version history (for libraries only).

Our system now keeps track of who is working on what, and tries hard to prevent the possibility of overwriting each other's work without imposing anything. So for example, if you happen to edit an ebook while another colleague is also editing, you will be informed, but still given the option to proceed. 

Book Duplication

You may now duplicate hosted ebooks. This is available as a bulk operation too.

Kotobee Reader API Improvements

The Kotobee Reader API has been extended further and its documentation improved. You can display your own popup HTML without being enforced to use Kotobee Reader's modal box.

More information on the Kotobee Reader API may be found here:

Kotobee Reader Updated

The Kotobee Reader standalone apps (for Windows, Mac, and Android) have been updated. You can download the latest versions directly from our website here:

The iOS app is the only one not updated (due to complexities with new Apple policies) but will be updated sooner than you think.

Option to Disable or Control Mobile App Vibration

Under Mobile customization options, you can now control the intensity of your app's vibration, or even disable it entirely.

Prevent Book Overriding Library's Customization

By default any book you upload to your library will have its customization overriding the library's, once that book is opened. This means, if you set a blue header in your library customization, and a red header to an uploaded book, then the library app will show a blue header. However, once that book is opened, the header color will morph into red.

We now made this optional for you. You can prevent this overriding behavior, and hence ensure that your library customization is applied whenever any of the books are opened.

New and Important Knowledge Base Articles

Here are some newly released knowledge base articles that are worth exploring:

Best Practices When Asking for Support

Stylizing Interactive Content with CSS

Using the Kotobee Reader API

Cloud Functions for the Reader

That's all folks!