Learn of the different ways to ask support for help and submit support tickets.

It is natural for anyone to face some struggles when using a new software. And it's also natural to ask for help. We provide the following channels for you to request help at.

Support portal (http://support.kotobee.com)

Beside our self-help knowledge base in our support portal, you may click on the New support ticket button at the top right, which will take you to a form to describe your issue and optionally attach files. The ticket is tracked and managed through our helpdesk system.

Live chat

Through the same support portal, or any page of our website, you will find a chat box at the bottom right corner labeled "Chat with a representative". This communication channel does not take file attachments however, and is available only during business hours.

Within Kotobee Author

Click on the I need help! button at the top right corner to submit a ticket directly from within Kotobee Author. 

You may optionally attach files and also take a screenshot of the software using the camera button at the bottom right.

To reduce the turnaround time when submitting a ticket, it's very important to follow the best practices mentioned in Best Practices When Asking for Help.