Learn how to add mathematical equations in different formats.

Add math equations easily using the Equation tool. You can insert math equations using either AsciiMath, MathML, or LaTeX. Each of these 3 writing styles (or markup languages) gives you high precision and control over creating complex math equations.

Add a Math Equation

  1. Click on the Equation button in the panel on the right. The Insert/Edit Equation window will appear.
  2. By default, AsciiMath is used. If you'd like to use a different markup language, select it from the radio button list. For an online reference of that markup language, click on the Online reference button.
  3. Insert your raw equation into the text box. You will immediately start seeing a preview of how that equation is rendered.
  4. To control the appearance, click on the Appearance tab. Here you may control the color, sizing, and layout of the equation.
  5. If you'd like the equation to flow inline with text, set the Placement to be Inline. If you'd like the equation to occupy a complete row in the page, then set the Placement to Row instead.