This quick release has a good number of fixes and performance enhancements, that makes it worth downloading. 

Note you may see the Release Notes for any of the older releases of Kotobee anytime.

Gallery Thumbnail Options

Building on the new interactive gallery thumbnails from the last release, you may now have the thumbnails appear only when hovering over gallery with the cursor. This prevents the thumbnails obscuring your wonderful imagery. You may additionally allow a shadow to appear under the thumbnails, to make it stand out.

EPUB Device Orientation

Under EPUB's advanced export options, you may lock your ebook's orientation to portrait or landscape.

Book Filtering Options

You may now filter your library book list, by published books, unpublished books, or all books.

Closing Popups

Popups in the reader, such as videos, external links, or questions, may now be closed conveniently using the browser's back button.

Kotobee Reader API

The Kotobee Reader API now allows you to programmatically enable/disable swiping or double-tapping using the kotobee.view.swipe and kotobee.view.doubletap properties. For more information please see: Using the Kotobee Reader API.

User Management API

When programmatically adding users or giving them access to certain books, you may now optionally set this book as part of the user's favorite list. This is currently applied to the API and the Shopify plugin. More information about this can be found here: User Management API.

You may download this version (or explore other versions) from

Thanks for your support and stay safe!