Learn how the friend referral program works, to get free licenses and subscriptions

The friend referral program is a great way to let others know about Kotobee, while at the same time getting free licenses and subscriptions. The friend referral program may be accessed in two ways:

What Happens If I Invite Someone

When you invite someone and he starts using Kotobee Author, he will receive a free Mobile App license, and so will you! The rewarded license will automatically be applied to both accounts.

If you successfully invite a large number of friends, who start using Kotobee Author, there will be a bigger reward. This is all explained at www.kotobee.com/invite.

How to Invite Friends

You have two options when inviting friends

  • Entering their email addresses directly, to have invitation emails sent to them
  • Sharing a link with a code, on your social media pages

You will receive an email once anyone you've invited has accepted the invitation and started using Kotobee Author. 

I've Invited Someone But Haven't Received a License!

In order to be eligible for a license, the person you invited must not just received the invitation and create an account. But he must actually use it. Our system uses an algorithm to determine the legitimacy of an invitation. 

So even if you invite yourself, and activate your account from different machines, it will not work.

Please read the Condition and Limitations at www.kotobee.com/invite