Learn how to integrate your cloud ebook or library with Facebook, for a better user login experience.

Currently, Facebook SSO isn't supported on Kotobee mobile apps. Instead, you may use Auth0 or Okta, which includes Facebook SSO.

What is Facebook Login

Facebook provides secure SSO (Single Sign-On) on the cloud, linking all your apps, logins, and devices into a unified space. It gives access to many applications with a single login.

After enabling Facebook SSO, Facebook users will be able to seamlessly log into your library or cloud ebook without entering a password, under one of these two conditions:

  • They are already added as users to your library or cloud ebook manually (e.g. through Kotobee Author)
  • You have your library or cloud ebook enabled for self-registration

Steps to Use Facebook SSO

In order to use Facebook for Single Sign-On, you need to have a Facebook developer account.

To enable SSO for your library or cloud ebook, follow the instructions below.

Create a Facebook App

Have your library or ebook app URL ready.

If your library or ebook app is hosted with Kotobee, then the URL will be in the form of https://yoursubdomain.kotobee.com. Otherwise, it will be the URL that you have exported your library or ebook app files to. That URL will be referred to in some of the steps below as YOUR_URL.

  1. Add a new Application from Developer Console > My Apps > Add a New App
  2. Select For Everything Else when asked under the Create an App ID prompt
  3. Set App Display Name and click Create App ID
  4. You'll be redirected to you App Page. To add a Product, under Facebook Login click Set Up
  5. Set Application Type to Web
  6. Set Site URL to YOUR_URL and click Save then Continue

  7. From the left-side panel, Expand Settings and click Basic

  8. Under App Domains, add YOUR_URL.

  9. Copy your App ID. That value will be entered at Kotobee Author.

  10. From the left-side panel, Expand Facebook Login and click Settings

  11. Under Valid OAuth Redirect URIs, add the following URL:

    • YOUR_URL/?provider=facebook

  12. Click Save Changes

Enable Facebook SSO in Kotobee Author

Open Kotobee Author. Go into your library or cloud ebook settings, and click on the Single sign-on tab.

Click on the Enable button under Facebook.

Enter the App ID and hit Save Changes at the bottom.

You do not need to re-export your library or ebook app if you enable or disable SSO. The reader will pick up this change automatically.