Learn how to allow your ebook users save their question answers, to retrieve later.

The default behavior of your ebook questions, is that answers will be lost once your user navigates to a different chapter in the book, or re-opens the book. This behavior can be changed through the Persistence setting in the Options tab.

Persistence is available for Premium users only

1. With your questions open in Kotobee Author, go to the Options tab.

2. Click the Enable saving answers checkbox.

3. If you would like answer saving to happen automatically (in the background) without the user clicking a Save button, click the Automatic saving checkbox.

Where Answers Are Stored

Kotobee Author provides 3 ways for storing answers, depending on your requirements.

  • Session. Answers are stored only for the current session, while the user is navigating through the ebook. However, once the ebook is reloaded, the answers are lost.
  • Cache. Answers are stored in the browser's (or device's) cache memory. The answers will remain even if the ebook is reloaded. However, those answers will be visible to any user opening the ebook on the same browser or device.
  • Cloud. (Requires cloud ebook or library). Answers are stored on the cloud, linked to the user's account that is used for login. The cloud ebook or library must be private, to allow for user accounts. The answers will be retrieved even if the user opens the ebook from a different device, using his same account.

Customize the Save Button

If you do not have Automatic saving checked, a non-intrusive Save button will appear to users to optionally save their answers.

You may customize the button's placement and design.

1. With your questions open in Kotobee Author, go to the Layout tab.

2. Click the Floating box for saving answers checkbox. If you can't find it, it means either you do not have saving answers enabled, or it is set to automatic.

3. From the Placement dropdown, select where you would like the Save notice to appear.

4. Select the Save button's text and background colors.

5. Select the Dismiss button's text and background colors. The Dismiss button appears to your users right after they click on the Save button.