In this release, we introduce two new major features as well as several minor ones. This release also includes plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements. Let's dig in shall we?

Online Admin Portal

You finally have a more flexible way to manage all your libraries, cloud ebooks, and hosted ebooks. That is through a new web-based admin portal. That's right! Just go to and log in with your serial.

With this portal you can have control over your account wherever you go, even through your mobile browser. Note the portal layout is not mobile responsive yet, but will be soon.

Question Reports

You have self-assessment questions in your ebook. Your users can practice on those questions and see their respective scores.

Now you, as the book owner, can see reports of the answers of all your users. This happens through the new Reports menu available under your library or cloud ebook. You may see your users' answers collectively in the form of charts, or you may see a specific user's answers.

This feature is extremely useful for you if you want to monitor your users' understanding and progress.

Backend API Enhancements

Some enhancements have been made to our API backend, such as a way to retrieve the question reports explained above.

Favorites Tab

You now have a way to hide the favorites tab and favorites button in case you don't want it.

More Templates and Enhancements

More templates have been added for you into Kotobee Author. There are now guidance buttons in Kotobee Author's ebook templates that help you easily copy or duplicate certain elements efficiently. Those buttons appear once you hover over those elements.

Page Offset

In case you're enabling the "Go to page #" button, you may now add an offset in order to map the page number to the actual book's page number.

Bug fixes

There have been several major bugs fixed and closed in this release.

  • Mobile Android 11 fix
  • Mobile app hosted content
  • Re-logging into libraries
  • Tin Can logging issue
  • Mini-apps sometimes not appearing
  • Popup questions on iOS showing blank box
  • Importing large number of users from XLS
  • Custom audio tab not showing
  • Customized tab icons don't appear in libraries
  • Arabic UI fixes

Go ahead and download this release from 

Best of luck and stay safe!