This release has plenty of fixes for reported issues in addition to some ground-breaking features. Let's see a quick summary.

18 New Ebook Templates Released

We have released 18 new ebook templates suited for schools and universities. You can apply any of those templates to your existing ebook, or start a new ebook from scratch.

Additional Visibility Options For Questions

Two new visibility options have been added for your questions. They can be found in the Options > Visibility section. You may now choose to hide a question after a user submits his answer, and display his score instead. You may also choose to hide the title of the question entirely in case a question is disabled, expired, or hidden.

Add Additional Info for Your Users

For Kotobee Library and Kotobee Cloud users, when adding a new user to your cloud ebook or library, you may pass some information alongside his email. This makes it faster and shortens the steps needed to set any information fields. 

Additional Collaborator Permissions 

Previously, there was a "Can manage users" permission that allowed collaborators to have full control of users in your library or cloud ebook. We've kept this permission as it is, but have added 4 additional permissions in case you'd like to give finer control over the users section. The 4 new permissions are: "Can list users" "Can add users" "Can edit users" and "Can delete users".

Not just that, but you will be able to apply any of these permissions to a subset of users using filters. You may read more about this in the article: Select the Appropriate Permissions for Your Team Member.

API Authentication Using an Access Key

Previously, the only way to authenticate your API requests was by using your account's serial number. Now there's an additional method of authentication which is using an access key. Each cloud ebook or library has a unique Access Key that can be regenerated. You may find out your access key in the Settings > Integrations section.

Download Reports in PDF

When exporting any kind of report for your cloud ebook or library (i.e. users, promo codes, questions, ebooks) you may now choose a PDF file format, in addition to the default XLS format.

Indonesia Bahasa TTS

We have added an additional language to the list of Text-To-Speech languages: Indonesia Bahasa.

Libraries User Count

A small touch we've added to the library selection dropdown is a badge displaying the number of users in that library. No badge will be shown in the case of public libraries.

Kotobee Author Performance Enhancements

Core improvements have been made to Kotobee Author reducing the installer file size by 10MB and the installation time by 50%.

As mentioned, this release features plenty of fixes for reported issues. 

If you'd like to see any specific new features or user experience improvements in the coming release, do not hesitate to contact us. Download v1.8.6 from and feel free to send us your feedback.

Best of luck and stay safe!